Chiho Iwase

Artist Biography

Chiho Iwase was born in Japan, currently lives and works in London.

​She studied Fine Art/Sculpture at Chelsea College of Art & Design (University of the Arts London) after she had training in drawing and painting in Japan.

Iwase’s work covers painting, drawing, illustration, sculpture, and installation. Her sculptures contain the quality of monstrosity and cuteness, which reflects her inner conflict and immaturity hidden in adulthood.

She recently focuses on animistic thoughts in Japanese culture and works on portrait style painting showing 'human as a part of nature’ and 'anthropomorphised natural spirits’.   


Current Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions / Residency 

ArtWorks Open 2021
PV & Prize Awards
Friday 3rd December
6:30 - 9pm

ArtWorks Project Space
Barbican Arts Group Trust
114A Blackhorse Lane 
London E17 6AA

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